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Empowering change through innovative ESG reporting solutions

ESG Reporting

ESG Reporting

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices are becoming increasingly important for companies. At ESG-X, it is our firm belief that ESG-Reporting will have the same relevance as Financial Reporting in a couple of years from now. We are driven by the mission of proactively approaching this transition and turning ESG-Reporting from pain to purpose. With more and more companies being affected by EU-Regulation, we are combining artificial intelligence, innovation and sustainability at its core.

Technology Approach

The ESG-X CSRD suite and its Tech-Forward approach

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Transforming ESG Reporting

ESG-X offers the CSRD-Reporting-Suite as a Software-as-a-Service Solution with automatization and innovation at its heart. The software follows a modular approach and guides the end-user through the ESG-Reporting journey. Key steps are assessment of relevant data points, integration of relevant data as well as report filing. Through automatizations, time and cost savings of up to 90% can be captured.

Innovation and AI Usage

AI-Driven solution, powered by proprietary ESG Data

AI Innovation

CSRD Reporting Suite

The CSRD Reporting Suite transforms the reporting process, striving to be the essential digital solution for CSRD compliance for businesses. ESG-X harnesses AI to achieve dual benefits: Firstly, to enhance efficiency for clients, reducing both costs and time, and secondly, to provide strategic decision-making support.

With us

Custom Benefits

Your solution for effortless ESG-reporting. With tailored features, deep insights, and dedicated support, we'll help you make sustainability reporting your strategic asset.

Overview and structure

Our platform offers a clear path through the complexity of ESG reporting, ensuring you have an organized and structured approach to navigate the challenges of reporting. We provide the overview and framework you need to make your reporting journey smoother and more effective.

Saving time and money

Our software is designed to automate essential processes, saving you valuable time and reducing costs. By streamlining tasks through automation, you can focus on what matters most while improving efficiency and productivity in your reporting efforts.

Avoidance of sanctions

Stay compliant and avoid potential sanctions with our software. We provide the tools and guidance to ensure your reporting meets regulatory requirements, safeguarding your organization from costly penalties and non-compliance risks.

Detections of risks

Detect potential deviations and risks early with our software. Our advanced monitoring and analytics tools help you identify issues before they become significant, allowing for timely adjustments and better risk management

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